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Hotel Four Seasons Jet plane in a five-star high-altitude

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts surprises with a new initiative, which brings its impeccable in-flight amenities.

Four season hotel jet
Four Seasons is a Jet plane named – accommodation from the famous company whose name stands in the acronym of the aircraft. For the giant luxury hotel, a pioneer in the search for new solutions and prestige, it is an initiative that brings its share of excellence, and brings it over the skies of the world.

With this flying hotel, guests can indulge in the experience and the famous Four Seasons service in flight. The custom template for this purpose is a Boeing 757, fully renovated with interior and exterior designed by the team of designers of the hotel chain, which promises a unique experience starting in February 2015, when the first 52 passengers will welcome you for an unforgettable trip around the world.
The staff of the board, which also includes a personal assistant, will coordinate with the team for each destination to provide a flawless experience. Wi-Fi will allow guests and staff to be always connected, to organize “on the fly” in spa treatments, book golf courses, excursions and unforgettable culinary experiences stellate.

Reservations on board of the new Four Seasons Jet are already open for the following adventures:

  1. Around the World, February 2015 – Departing from Los Angeles and final dinner in London, this trip of 24 days in 9 destinations will bring the traveler to discover dynamic cities, exotic islands, architectural wonders and breathtaking natural landscapes. Enriched by an exclusive stop at the Taj Mahal, all rooms will be in Four Seasons hotels and resorts.
  2. Backstage with the Arts, April 2015 – In the company of other travelers art lovers, guests will have the opportunity to visit six cities and spend 16 days full of backstage tours of the most beautiful museums in Europe, the wonderful performances at Teatro alla Scala of Milan and the Estates Theatre in Prague, delicious dinners and a private gala in the palace of Pavlovsk, near St. Petersburg.
  3. Around the World, August 2015 – Epic is the word that best describes this journey around the world through nine destinations, including stays in three of the newest Four Seasons hotel and the first hotel chain safari lodge in Serengeti. From the Forbidden City in Beijing in the Medina of Marrakech, passing through the crystal clear waters of the Maldives and the emotion of the largest fish market in Tokyo, a wonderful dinner in New York ending 24 days that no one will ever forget.

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Luxury flights: Europe – Air France First Class to Shanghai

The airlines renew the preparation of their fleets, with an eye to high-end customers, which ensures the image and profitability.

Air France landing leads to the new first class flights and luxury hotels in Shanghai, playing a role of a good standard among global players in this particular declination “competitive.”

Luxury First class seat Air France

The goal is to conquer a growing consensus among the more wealthy customers in Asia. The airline transalpine pointing haute couture, with a gorgeous layout and comfortable.

Flights Airline, Etihad First Suites renews its fleet

Travellers who make the choice to the highest level, will benefit from a reclining seat that can be converted into a bed 2.01 meters long and 0.77 meters wide. Measurements from the podium in the rankings size of the fund, on a planetary scale.

In total, 76 seats of this type mounted on a fleet of 19 Boeing 777-300 Air France, in a canvas revamped at a cost of 50 million Euros. The prospect of returning to a relatively short time for such an investment is not remote, given the prices charged for the service and the great interest in the market for solutions to the general, quite popular by Asian travellers, who spare no expense to ensure all transfers’ sign of luxury and comfort, even for flights destined for international shopping.

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Private Jet charter or helicopter? The Agusta Westland AW609 is all in one

It ‘a strange aircraft, which aims to blend the strengths of two different flying objects, trying to fuse them to the fullest.

hibrid helicopeter and jet in one
Agusta Westland, complete testing autorotation dell’AW609 Tilrotor, a hybrid of airplane and helicopter. The tests were completed successfully.

Between late March and early April 10 flight hours dedicated to the whip put the new aircraft, with over 70 conversions from airplane mode to helicopter mode, made ​​in heaven of the plant in Arlington (TEXAS, USA)

Tests have met the standards of the FAA regarding the developments of rotation and auto-rotation, another step forward in the development program of the aircraft.

During the tests have emerged good handling characteristics of the aircraft, with performance in line with expectations. The work, therefore, proceeds in a consistent manner with the support of valid test drivers and engineers.

From the evidence, continue in the following weeks, it was found that the AW609 is a means of healthy and quality, in terms of design, performance and safety in the most demanding conditions. Now you navigate to commercialization.


Flights Airline – Etihad First Suites renews its fleet

The airlines seek to offer better services to their customers, to benefit from their satisfaction. Etihad tip top.

airlines etihad first suite
Etihad Airways improve air travel first class in his 787-date with the new “First Suites,” which will debut in society with the arrival of the aircraft, to be delivered in the new guise, is scheduled for October.

If this model for the solution of the reference plane is the first luxury cited above, for the A380 we will go even further, with “First Apartments”, habitable spaces of adequate size and splendor to the prestige and volumes Airliner more largest on the planet.

Returning to the Boeing 787, the exemplary “treaties” will offer eight ‘First Suites “with very attractive features for the most demanding users, who will not have reason to complain. Each space will be totally private, to best ensure the privacy, comfort and charm will bring a dowry of excellence.

The Frau armchairs, have the ability to create a double bed, the technical package and the provision of first level on the entertainment front promise the ultimate relaxation for guests, who can also benefit from telephone and internet access in flight. The chef will take orders from a la carte menu. So even the palate will be served in the best way.

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luxury Donald Trump private plane video

Donald Trump is one who loves to flaunt. You can see it from his private plane. The U.S. real estate mogul has one of the most luxurious private jets worldwide.

Today we enjoy a video of the luxury plane of Donald Trump. The wealthy businessman bought the Stars and Stripes in 2011 by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Then he commissioned the update, according to its specifications, making it much more flamboyant.

private jet charter of donald trump

On a recent trip, the billionaire brick has allowed us to take a look inside the aircraft. As you can see from the pictures, the interior is decorated with many elements in 24 carat gold and boasts the most modern electronic equipment with the Trump brand on almost every surface. The exterior painting reflects his two favorite colors: black and gold.

Previously, Trump had a Boeing 727 in its fleet of vehicles, replaced a few years ago this 757, a plane larger and more advanced in terms of technology. The tycoon immobiliareha shelled out $ 100 million to detect the model by Paul Allen.

The model could come in handy in the election campaign for the White House. Recall that the American millionaire, active in various sectors, he was ready to stand in the presidential elections of the United States in 2012, in the ranks of the Republicans. Then the withdrawal from the race, after watching the polls, not really encouraging for him.

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Best luxury Private jet company

For the business and luxury class of travel in aircraft we have selected for you the best 5 among the most exclusive companies in the world. These are operators of some renown, which provide high-end flying experiences. In their aircraft customers are pampered and treated appropriately, especially in the most exclusive cabins where comfort and luxury touch the higher altitudes.

Video of Donald Trump’s luxury aircraft with letters in gold

If the setting is appropriate to the rank not less worthy are the services offered by the staff on board, which ensures special attention, with a wide range of solutions for the benefit of sensory customers. Follow us on our journey of discovery.

Quartar AirWays

Qatar Airways is a vector of reference in the luxury segment. In recent times has presented the interior of the first-class cabin of the Airbus A380, a large aircraft, from Pharaonic price. The national airline of the rich emirate in the Middle East has booked thirteen models with a gorgeous layout. In the new copies the first class seats have ample legroom, which can be easily extended, because the seating plan is likely to be inclined to turn into a fully flat bed. Various entertainment options offered by the 19-inch monitor, enjoyable from any angle. The passengers of this section will have access to an exclusive lounge on board, but they will also gain a space to discuss and dine in two, one in front of another. The services will be worthy of the package.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited (known as Virgin Atlantic) is owned by Virgin Group, which holds an absolute majority, with a share of 51%. Equipped with operational headquarters in Crawley, West Sussex (UK), this airline is under the management of billionaire Richard Branson, also known for the adventures Virgin Galactic, getting closer and closer to the horizon. Many of the services offered to First and Business Class: massages, manicures, selected menus and many other things.


Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines bets on luxury. The airline has planned the ultimate glitz at high altitude, offering some special suites. On flights on the Airbus A380 from Los Angeles to the island state of South-East Asia, located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, there are 12 private cabins with 23-inch screen, in-room dining, comfortable seating and a bed designed for the best well-being. Even other aircraft in the fleet are expressed on the same quality level.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates and is based in Abu Dhabi. Its aircraft promise senior trips in the higher classes, with furniture solutions and services tuned to the needs of those who not accept compromises. Quality and comfort are two notes inherent in the philosophy of the brand.
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