Buy a private jet Gulfstream G150: flights from VIP

Buying a private jet range is an opportunity for the chosen couple of, also when there is a tendency in the direction of the made use of market, as when it come to this Gulfstream G150.

The last instance of the luxury jet Gulfstream G150 is on the marketplace, ready to make the happiness of the future purchaser. This version, integrateded 2009, is presently in London. To his credit history 1079 hrs of trip, with appropriate care of the upkeep aspects.

Preivate jets to buy gulfestream private jet for sell gulfestream g150

The outdoors play on the combination in between white hart, gray, red and also blue, which offers a certain sophistication to the . Substantial conserving on the sticker price, however the figures are constantly at concern for the blessed couple of which could pay for repayments millionaires.

To these should be added the expense of management, efficient in bringing white hair to lots of people. Around the world, nonetheless, there are also wealthy people, who do not need to handle similar problems, arguing with their selections the high-end market, which expected lots of tasks.

The airplane which we are worried, expertly ready, it is suggested with an excellent dose of magic. Inside pleasantly fits travelers, which vows unique encounters of face, although the canvas graphics leading guy can turn toward the light colors, a minimum of from my point of view.

Buy a private jet gulfestream g150

Iwould certainly have favored other tones of natural leather with contrasting carpet, however the existing proprietor has different preferences from mine. On top of that he was to leave the money. However, an extreme overhaul of the interior configuration is possible, given you deprive yourself of the sampling awhile ‘of time.

I like most exterior livery, which does not disturb the harmony of the types of the G150, a modern-day airplane and modern preference, which is not tough to make the scene at airports around the globe. Winning the Lottery could be an excellent option.

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Private jet Piaggio Avanti Evo

Also universe aeronautical taping a certain enjoyment, with brand-new proposals in the pot for the industry.

New piaggio private jet charter

Coming close to the getting on the marketplace of the new Piaggio Avanti plane Ages, a twin turboprop plane, offered as a job in Geneva, during Ebace 2014, in the month of Could.

piaggio look

The cool gem of the Italian company was started on the tried and tested system of the P180 Avanti, yet brings with it a large range of renovations that enhance effectiveness, reduce operating costs and also increase comfort, in a more attractive and also enjoyable to appreciate.

The speed of this new product winged share touches 460 mph, with an operating range included 1980 miles. Who placed him in the backyard  is happy. Right here are words of Alberto Galassi, president of Piaggio Aero Industries: “The new Evo Next Door Express quality and supplies every little thing had to ideal fulfill the demands of the modern.”

piaggio avanti evointernal piaggio private jet

how much for private jet

Already accumulated the very first orders for the plane, which seats 9 guests within, spoiled like a VIP canvas environmental taken care of with experienced poise the authors of the task. The shipping of the initial system of the series is scheduled for October. To purchase required to write out a check for $ 7.4 million.

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Private jet flights to Andalusian city

In the Andalusian city, including exotic charm and quasi-African. A walk to the Picasso Museum, Thyssen Museum and the new Arab fortresses. And in the evening, at dinner with Antonio Banderas.

falcon interior private jet
Arab architecture, towering cathedrals, the Roman theater, the Picasso museum and the new Thyssen Museum. At this adding a climate always hot, tempered by the breeze that blows from the sea and a quasi-African. Malaga, with its exotic charm but close at hand, it is a perfect destination for a weekend.
Already in early March, the average temperature is 15 ° C during the day and comes close to selling 20, then rise slowly and steadily throughout the spring. Making it the ideal place for those seeking to escape the rigors of a winter that seems endless.
Spend the morning to art, new vocation of the Andalusian town that is a candidate for European Capital of Culture in 2016. Travel in the central Calle San Agustín, the goal is the Renaissance Palacio de Buenavista home to the Picasso Museum.
After lunch it’s time to walk the streets of the city and a visit to the Cathedral, symbol of the city. Gothic building with baroque influences, has a beautiful garden with fountains, orange trees and palms. Quiet and restful. For dinner, the right address is José Carlos García landmark evenings throughout Malaga.

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Luxury private jet Falcon 900EX Easy to buy

It dates back to 2007, the birth of this luxury jet Falcon 900EX Easy, who is back for sale to accompany the new owner happy flying experiences.

Luxury jet Falcon 900EX Easy

luxury jet falcon 900ex easy 2013

The aircraft is located in London, ready to take control in its details, as required by a purchase of this magnitude, which always requires a careful inspection.

Even if you get to know the price you have to contact the seller, it is not difficult to guess at the flow rate, which puts him definitely out of the budget of ordinary mortals, which remains the hope of winning the Lotto sestina, perhaps in one of the richest extractions.

The aircraft offers the look with a refined look, which is not hard to gain the consent of the eyes. Even within the canvas is perfectly calibrated to the expectations that are not likely to be disappointed, because the plot graphic was packed with flavor, producing a pleasant mix of beauty and quality.

In this frame the fourteen passengers can experience the high level of transfers, both for business and tourism. It stands to look the happy contrast between the light color of the leather and the color of the elements in dark burr walnut, a source of pleasant harmony dialectic.

Out there thinks a sleek and discreet strip to decorate the base in white hart, to produce a strong livery of elegance and great visual impact. Refreshed in recent times, this aircraft is really desirable, although few can toy with the idea of purchase. For the curious, let’s say that this specimen has never been rented and has an activity of 1,500 flight hours.

how much does a private jet cost to buy


Luxury air jet Gulfstream G650- lap record in the world

When a product has great features, such as luxury jet Gulfstream G650, reputation automatically becomes high. This increases if you add records to the data sheet.
gulfstream private jet charter cost

The model in question will have so many, the most recent of which is pretty cool. This is the fastest round the world for a supersonic plane is not.

The practice has been Hurry in 41 hours and 7 minutes, setting a new world record for a plane of class C-1. To certify the result have officially the NAA (National Aeronautic Association) and the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

The G650, which is the fastest civilian aircraft in the list, has recorded an average speed of 568.5 mph (915 km / h), proving its mettle.

To his credit, there are currently 38 records. One of the latest was obtained between Shanghai and New York, when the jewel of Gulfstream has covered more than 6855 miles nautical (12695 km) in 13 hours and 32 minutes.

The G650 can perform the Paris-New York in a very interesting, although not worthy of the glorious Concorde. The aircraft produced by Gulfstream Aerospace, should connect the two capitals in less than 6 hours, at a speed of 1,100 miles an hour.

Inside there is a wide range of services, which bring comfort to the levels of a seven-star hotel. The large range of customizations to adapt the aircraft to the tastes of customers.

Whatever the setting, the 18 passengers will enjoy the exclusive and luxurious. So they can forget to travel to the rhythm of a “fighter jet”. To have such a masterpiece Air Force must spend $ 58 million.

How much is a private jet cost

Honda completes first stock of HondaJet Luxury private jets

Honda confirms the completion of the first production of HondaJet, the plane of Nissan’s luxury FAA approval which is expected in the coming months.

hondajet private jets

The news of the arrival of this first stock is Michimasa Fujino, President and CEO of Honda Aircraft. Today there are six aircraft on the assembly line, so the construction of the first phase of production is almost finished.

The company has announced that it will double the workforce to prepare for the entry into the market of the new product. The Japanese manufacturer dedicates to businessmen, movie stars and other rich of this world.

It is a little gem that can accommodate five passengers in a setting worthy of the most luxurious limousine, with advanced entertainment systems available.

This plane, which premiered in the United States, is a state of the art ultra-light, which has already aroused great interest in the market. Less than 13 meters long, can fly up to 760 km / h top speed. Shaped with innovative materials, has the engines mounted on the wings, where stands the trademark.

The President and CEO Michimasa Fujino is satisfied with the results: “We have strived to provide the lightest and most advanced jet in the world to our customers. We want to exceed the expectations of buyers. “

The testing program, meanwhile, continues to make progress. The goal of the program is to conduct the equivalent of three life cycles of the aircraft, to test their metal flow, the load limit and the residual strength, and two life cycles to test the wear tolerance of the metal material used .

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Private Jet charter Luxury flights with Citation Sovereing

Owning a luxury jet is the dream of many, but for very understandable reasons this privilege is intended for a small group of lucky, the bank account millionaire.

jet private charter flights to buy
The reasoning also applies when you decide to refer to the used market, despite the substantial discounts that you can get compared to the price of new.

Among the deals currently active on the site JamesEdition is that related to this Citation Sovereign in 2007, the price of which is left to negotiation between the parties.

The aircraft is located in Boca Raton, Florida (United States), and presents itself to the eye with the right credentials to capture him. The attentions are reserved for exemplary probably have been higher, if you rely on the state of form cognizable by the photos.

This assessment is not just about the aesthetic look, but also the interior, but it is clear, however, that the potential buyer will have to make all the necessary checks, to verify adherence to the state of the perceptions of the actual form.

The cabin, sumptuously furnished, promises five star trips to eight passengers, who can live at a high altitude experience of comfort, benefiting a Glance always pleasant. If you win in Lotto, you can give it a little thought …

how much would a private jet cost

Luxury private jet Gulfstream G200 a whim also if it’s used

Buy a luxury jet is a whim for a select few, but addressing the second hand market you can save something, even if the figures are to dance in a small basin of Scrooge.

luxury privat jet used

how much are private jets

The Gulfstream G200 that we are dealing with today can be one of the alternatives on the plate for those who want to spend less, content of a model is not trendy.

The specimen in question was built in 2006, but his delivery was made the following year. Currently located in the Principality of Monaco, where it awaits a buyer, ready to take on the significant outlay, unspecified, but clearly millionaire.

This aircraft offers accommodation for eight passengers on board, which gives you comfortable leather armchairs clear, in a bright canvas where they fit perfectly the wood inserts, the presence of which makes it even more precious than the plot, for a better sensory benefit.

The aircraft, serial number 150, it looks in good condition, but when you buy something so expensive you need to do all the standard verification procedure, to get away from costly surprises, always difficult to digest.

To his credit, there are 1572 hours of flight and landings in 1154, with an average duration of employment less than an hour and a half. The chronology does not contain reports of damage, but promises regular maintenance, with all the necessary inspections. If you won the Lotto and if the redditometro does not scare you, you can consider the perspective of the purchase …


Luxury accessories for dogs flights: the new collection Timeinbox

Luxury accessories for dogs and cats: arrive new TIMEINBOX, the luxury collection for the pet care of the latest generation with a new, super-exclusive service: the Luxury Pet Flight, in collaboration with the company for private flights Livejet. pet fligts Timeinbox Livejet 1 Time for a new eye-catching luxury for pet lovers of absolute super exclusive. Service launched in recent days by private airline LiveJet. On board the aircraft fleet LiveJet ready to accommodate man’s best friend, there will be a wide range of accessories for pets of Timeinbox. Dedicated to those who want to fly your pet with all the amenities imaginable for those who deeply understands how sensitive the pet flying at high altitude. Arrive TIMEINBOX carefully selected branded products, to ensure the beloved four-legged traveling in comfort, with a nice touch of detail and ultra-soft fashion. Luxury accessories for dogs and cats signed Timeinbox are a real cuddle from “vip pet”. The new collection for the pet care in flight was launched recently by Timeinbox in patnership with Livejet and transforms the way the plane of the pet in a short stay comfortable and secure. All the refined elegance of Italian design combined with maximum comfort you need for the welfare of the pet during the flight, have been translated into spaces dedicated to the four-legged friends, furnished with small objects luxury pet care. From glamorous kennels lines coated in fine fabrics or soft eco-leather, to the chic bowls, embellished by Swarovski crystals, or soft cashmere covers for puppies. All the latest luxury pet accessories are available in many boutiques Timeinbox in the world including the largest and most neuralgic company: LONDON Verve, the PAMPERED PETS DUBAI, the FIFI & ROMEO Los Angeles, the BOUPET Berlin, CHAT COMME CHIENS of Paris, the store PRINCE AND PRINCESS Milan to Florence boutique PIEROTOILETTE or that of Rome STARS AND DOGS. In these shops, landmarks trend for luxury shopping for the pet, you can find the most original, unique and exuberant collections of accessories for dogs and cats, creations choices even from the most luxurious hotels like the Four Seasons or the Starhotels . You can also find all the details on the official website of the new line Timeinbox. Relevant: how much for a private jet

Qatar Airways unveils the new first class Airbus A380

Qatar Airways has presented the interior of the first-class cabin of the Airbus A380, a large aircraft, from Pharaonic price.

qatar airways luxury flights a380 first class

He chose the ITB Berlin to present the first class of its Airbus A380. We’re talking about Qatar Airways, the national airline of the rich emirate in the Middle East.

The specimens thus configured will enter service this year. Thirteen models booked with this construction. In the new Airbus A380 first class seats have ample legroom, which can be easily extended, because the seating plan is likely to be inclined to turn into a fully flat bed.

Various entertainment options offered by the 19-inch monitor, enjoyable from any angle. The passengers of this section will have access to an exclusive lounge on board, but they will also gain a space to discuss and dine in two, one in front of another. The services will be worthy of the package.

Qatar Airways will inaugurate the work commitment of these A380s by the end of the year. Recall that one of the most magnificent specimens of this range of aircraft was acquired by the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, Chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, the investment group very active in the market, with a range of large-scale projects.

Ordained in 2007, this beautiful bird has quickly become the most expensive private jet in the world, with a final price well above the $ 500 million. An astronomical figure, largely due to the strong customizations requested by the wealthy dignitary, whose assets rises wonderfully amazing.

The package includes a garage for two Rolls Royce, a horse stable and a prayer room which always rotates toward Mecca. To indulge in such luxury, the wealthy businessman has spared no expense. His “toy winged”, with different sprayed gold, features a dining room with expensive marble panels, a gym, sauna and lots of technology.

Also in 2007, the magazine “Jack”, had a focus on the construction costs of the A380. The price of a standard model of the Airbus A380 was equal to approximately 230 million euro.

The only aircraft structure, 21 meters high, 73 wide and 80 long, thanks to the use of sophisticated composite materials, cost 168 million euro. To these were added 30 million for the four reactors, 10 avionics (ie management systems), 10 trucks, 6 for leisure and 5 for the preparation of the interior and € 1 million for the sole starter. Now the values ​​are even higher.

How much does a private jet cost