Extra luxury private jet to buy

Extra luxury private jet to buy

private jet interior

Look at the pictures. Can you believe that everything you see is the inside of a plane? Well, yes. It Airbus ACJ319, a super-luxury private jet, which under normal conditions would lead up to 124 passengers, but in this case it has a capacity of 19. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a study . Everything is full of luxury sofas and armchairs in cream leather, matched to the wood of the furniture. All the rooms, except the bathrooms are equipped with flat screen TV and the bathroom offers a convenient extra large shower.

airbus luxury

bathroom in a private jet

bedroom in a private jet

interior of one private jet

How much does a private jet cost to buy
This particular aircraft was built by the company Comlux, specializing in transport for private trips for Gentlemen, Companies, Governments, who have money to burn, the billionaires. The Airbus ACJ319 coast beauty of 87 million dollars. At the time a specimen was acquired by the Australian company that rents Skytraders Airbus to government delegations or for business travel.

On the other hand a billionaire wants to feel at home when flying and on the ground there are dream villas, offices on the top floor of a skyscraper overlooking the bay of Sydney and how to replicate this when you are forced to travel? With these aircraft from the Arabian Nights.

If you don’t have for a private jet to buy you can charter a private jet.

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