Honda completes first stock of HondaJet Luxury private jets

Honda completes first stock of HondaJet Luxury private jets

Honda confirms the completion of the first production of HondaJet, the plane of Nissan’s luxury FAA approval which is expected in the coming months.

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The news of the arrival of this first stock is Michimasa Fujino, President and CEO of Honda Aircraft. Today there are six aircraft on the assembly line, so the construction of the first phase of production is almost finished.

The company has announced that it will double the workforce to prepare for the entry into the market of the new product. The Japanese manufacturer dedicates to businessmen, movie stars and other rich of this world.

It is a little gem that can accommodate five passengers in a setting worthy of the most luxurious limousine, with advanced entertainment systems available.

This plane, which premiered in the United States, is a state of the art ultra-light, which has already aroused great interest in the market. Less than 13 meters long, can fly up to 760 km / h top speed. Shaped with innovative materials, has the engines mounted on the wings, where stands the trademark.

The President and CEO Michimasa Fujino is satisfied with the results: “We have strived to provide the lightest and most advanced jet in the world to our customers. We want to exceed the expectations of buyers. “

The testing program, meanwhile, continues to make progress. The goal of the program is to conduct the equivalent of three life cycles of the aircraft, to test their metal flow, the load limit and the residual strength, and two life cycles to test the wear tolerance of the metal material used .

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