How much is a Private jet Cost – Buy or rental?

First thing to be asking yourself is how much does a private jet cost to own. If you’re planning to get many flights international or in the near area. Expenses are very differ. Enormously based on the sort of what is the best category of private jet for sale that you need. The first thing is about the size precisely how much persons will flight.  If you are in the market for hire a private jet charter or contacting a company that have private jets for sale to buy for yourself a personal air services transportation (Which is needed to your company). In the next lines you will have the answer at your question.dreamliner_06

How much does a private jet cost to own

If you are wondering about how much is a private jet cost to own one. First thing we must analyze the primary question. You need to know how much does a private jets cost to buy?  But you want to own a new one or get a used airplane? And the second thing are of course the continuous expenses. This are the most long term expensive expenses that will influence your decision.  When we consider that there is not only the cost of the plain but the full and the pilot are in the checking list to think about too.

Airplane Hangar_full

Very high cost of expense. There are costs without actually flying anywhere. The hangar for parking the jet. Continuous certifications and testing if the air jet work perfectly. To not risk in the air when you are landing or that the motors not work perfectly. To add on is the insurance policy…

To not forget the aviator and staff wages. They must be or are you planing on piloting yourself the jet? If you don’t have the time and nerves to deal with all this is just easier to search for how much is it to hire a private jet.

Lets see what a owner of a private jets company  (jetsuits) tells on the question How much does a private jet cost to hire . This is a interview on fox.

If you are still of the idea to own a private jet then lets see the opportunities tu buy one.


Luxury – how much is a private jet cost to buy

For the person who look for the best of the best. The comfort and the elegance is a must have. You can have a private room for the bed.
To have international flights comfortable and when you get there you are fresh as the morning flowers. The aircraft is there to make your trip as pleasant as you wish. No more stressed flights just a relaxed ambient for you.

This are the most brand new – expensive air jets – new.

A luxury Gulfstream 550 can cost you u to $50m

Gulfstream IV – $38 milion


BD-700 Global Express $47.7 milion


Companies where you can buy a private jet

Business Jets for Sale

(How much does it cost to buy a private jet for business)


This are classic jets that are the best option to have the flights at the time you want without further notice. The best choice for companies that want the usability of having an always ready flaying transportation for the employers. Is more important when and where you flight than the flight itself. I named this business because this are big airplanes. Can transport many people. Like the known boing.


How much is a new Boeing 747?

If you need a new Boeing 747 it is around $153 million

Boing 474

Used old Falcon 10 1979 would be around $400k with approximately 12,000 flying hours.

Falcon 10

For the first choose many think that with a 8 seats , Wc that is good for 4 hour range flights the Learjet 45 is a good deal used from 2005 is from $3.1 million to $3.7 million.

Learjet45 gama

Companies where you can rent a private flight

How much is it to hire a private jet cost per hour ?

Hourly price that a jet would be hired out depends upon its size. They tend to be classified into 3 different size classifications, these are:

  • light – small jets
  • medium – midsize jets
  • fullsize – heavy jets


Turbo Props

Ideal for short tips, aircraft like Beechcraft Kong Air B200 have 8 persons seats.

Very Light

2 Hours take like 4 passengers.

 Light jets

Flaying persons between five and eight passengers usually 6



Very appreciated because the cabin is bigger than the small ones. 8 passengers and the flight attendant.

Super Midsize

This category have a full height cabins for 8-10 passengers.


Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets are full size can have washrooms beds and can take 8-16 passengers

Global Jets

Designed for best rest with comfortable bed and to increase productivity WiFi for best workspace. Can have 10-16 passengers. Best for international flights for many long hours in comfortable place.

So the price is very dependable of how many persons you need to take the flight. And how many hours your flight will be. The prices start with a minimum $3.000 -12.000 per hour cost. Then it’s rises for each category.

Lear more about how much is a private jet for business flights.

How much does a private jet cost for one trip of Obama?

Barack Obama carries more international travel than any other US president who has had, ensures citizen control group Judicial Watch. The organization calculated how much each flight called ‘Air Force One’.
USA It has two military planes to transport the president. Since 1990, there are two Boeing VC-25AS, and the Boeing 747-200B series with a special configuration.

Used on international flights and, less frequently, for internal: When are too big for domestic airports, it is used to a Boeing C-32.


The two are known as ‘Air Force One’: the indication that air traffic controllers use to refer to a ship on the president travels. They have 370 square meters of interior space, with medical facilities, including a functional operating table, separate rooms for guests, senior staff, secret service agents and a conference room for journalists.

Presidential includes a private dressing area, gym, bathroom and an office. Each plane is valued at $ 325 million.

Every hour of flight of an ‘Air Force One’ costs American taxpayers $ 206,337, Judicial Watch spreads based on the responses received to its request for information to the Department of the Air Force. The sum includes “fuel, food, technical check in terminal, ship repair and engine”.