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In times of crisis, even if you have a lot of disposable income. You can always save ont your trip choose the transportation with shared private jet charter so colled Jet Sharing in Usa. Today the trend is called in Europe is Flight Pooling , a new way of travelling on exclusive airplanes to say goodbye to the delays, the expectations of the baggage and intrusive neighbours chair. All at affordable prices.

The idea from the United States under the name Jet Sharing and lands in Europe, precisely as Flight Pooling: “The two terms mean either group, put together, share. Over the years it has become more sharing timeshare or fractional ownership where most people decide to buy a portion of a private plane, ” explains Luca Pasqualotto the managing director of, European flights mostly. “The Flight Pooling, instead, aims to increase the saturation of the flights on private jets. The service is intended both to passengers who want to share the free places for destinations that have booked both the airlines that have taken the opportunity to sell otherwise empty “.

For USA try this

In one way or another this is a good idea to start saving on private jet charter rates.

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Reasons to choose Private Jet Charters

Have the opportunity to choose the nearest airport. Not only airports where there are the airlines, but also smaller airports, arrival and departure because they are the most comfortable possible, without long journeys transfer.

No lines at check-in. The crew can welcome you inside the terminal where expectations will can be carried out without the normal checks documents international flights.. The shipment is immediate.

You can have at your disposal the aircraft for routes requests. For times occurred with the requirements can vary, and after receiving permission from the airports concerned there are no limits.

Service and custom catering. At the time of quote you can also require a special menu and tell the private jet charter company your needs.

Security. They must offer you the guarantee of compliance with the highest levels of security. Along the route you will have to travel all the documents pertaining to the aircraft chosen and its crew.

Everywhere at competitive prices are there. The wide range of aircraft available world wild on the entire globe are immense.  There is always a company that will provide you with the best solution, avoiding as much as possible the cost of the placements. If not this is not a good company.

Through collaborations established internationally companies are able to study and develop the organization of flights personalized and exclusive up to 200 seats.

The high quality standards private jet charter rental company can ensure brokers with best solutions for your flight. Be lazy and get spoiled of the private jet charters prices and opportunity of the broker company. Not always the better solution is with the biggest companies.

If you are scared to change before start inform what are the polices for interventions in cases of natural disaster, earthquake risk and health, reaching the affected country until a certain radius. If they are taking care of the transport of material,  personnel and equipment.

Local and international. Go hire to know How much does a private jet charter flight costs.