Luxury private jet Falcon 900EX Easy to buy

Luxury private jet Falcon 900EX Easy to buy

It dates back to 2007, the birth of this luxury jet Falcon 900EX Easy, who is back for sale to accompany the new owner happy flying experiences.

Luxury jet Falcon 900EX Easy

luxury jet falcon 900ex easy 2013

The aircraft is located in London, ready to take control in its details, as required by a purchase of this magnitude, which always requires a careful inspection.

Even if you get to know the price you have to contact the seller, it is not difficult to guess at the flow rate, which puts him definitely out of the budget of ordinary mortals, which remains the hope of winning the Lotto sestina, perhaps in one of the richest extractions.

The aircraft offers the look with a refined look, which is not hard to gain the consent of the eyes. Even within the canvas is perfectly calibrated to the expectations that are not likely to be disappointed, because the plot graphic was packed with flavor, producing a pleasant mix of beauty and quality.

In this frame the fourteen passengers can experience the high level of transfers, both for business and tourism. It stands to look the happy contrast between the light color of the leather and the color of the elements in dark burr walnut, a source of pleasant harmony dialectic.

Out there thinks a sleek and discreet strip to decorate the base in white hart, to produce a strong livery of elegance and great visual impact. Refreshed in recent times, this aircraft is really desirable, although few can toy with the idea of purchase. For the curious, let’s say that this specimen has never been rented and has an activity of 1,500 flight hours.

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