Luxury private jet Gulfstream G200 a whim also if it’s used

Luxury private jet Gulfstream G200 a whim also if it’s used

Buy a luxury jet is a whim for a select few, but addressing the second hand market you can save something, even if the figures are to dance in a small basin of Scrooge.

luxury privat jet used

how much are private jets

The Gulfstream G200 that we are dealing with today can be one of the alternatives on the plate for those who want to spend less, content of a model is not trendy.

The specimen in question was built in 2006, but his delivery was made the following year. Currently located in the Principality of Monaco, where it awaits a buyer, ready to take on the significant outlay, unspecified, but clearly millionaire.

This aircraft offers accommodation for eight passengers on board, which gives you comfortable leather armchairs clear, in a bright canvas where they fit perfectly the wood inserts, the presence of which makes it even more precious than the plot, for a better sensory benefit.

The aircraft, serial number 150, it looks in good condition, but when you buy something so expensive you need to do all the standard verification procedure, to get away from costly surprises, always difficult to digest.

To his credit, there are 1572 hours of flight and landings in 1154, with an average duration of employment less than an hour and a half. The chronology does not contain reports of damage, but promises regular maintenance, with all the necessary inspections. If you won the Lotto and if the redditometro does not scare you, you can consider the perspective of the purchase …


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