Qatar Airways unveils the new first class Airbus A380

Qatar Airways unveils the new first class Airbus A380

Qatar Airways has presented the interior of the first-class cabin of the Airbus A380, a large aircraft, from Pharaonic price.

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He chose the ITB Berlin to present the first class of its Airbus A380. We’re talking about Qatar Airways, the national airline of the rich emirate in the Middle East.

The specimens thus configured will enter service this year. Thirteen models booked with this construction. In the new Airbus A380 first class seats have ample legroom, which can be easily extended, because the seating plan is likely to be inclined to turn into a fully flat bed.

Various entertainment options offered by the 19-inch monitor, enjoyable from any angle. The passengers of this section will have access to an exclusive lounge on board, but they will also gain a space to discuss and dine in two, one in front of another. The services will be worthy of the package.

Qatar Airways will inaugurate the work commitment of these A380s by the end of the year. Recall that one of the most magnificent specimens of this range of aircraft was acquired by the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, Chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, the investment group very active in the market, with a range of large-scale projects.

Ordained in 2007, this beautiful bird has quickly become the most expensive private jet in the world, with a final price well above the $ 500 million. An astronomical figure, largely due to the strong customizations requested by the wealthy dignitary, whose assets rises wonderfully amazing.

The package includes a garage for two Rolls Royce, a horse stable and a prayer room which always rotates toward Mecca. To indulge in such luxury, the wealthy businessman has spared no expense. His “toy winged”, with different sprayed gold, features a dining room with expensive marble panels, a gym, sauna and lots of technology.

Also in 2007, the magazine “Jack”, had a focus on the construction costs of the A380. The price of a standard model of the Airbus A380 was equal to approximately 230 million euro.

The only aircraft structure, 21 meters high, 73 wide and 80 long, thanks to the use of sophisticated composite materials, cost 168 million euro. To these were added 30 million for the four reactors, 10 avionics (ie management systems), 10 trucks, 6 for leisure and 5 for the preparation of the interior and € 1 million for the sole starter. Now the values ​​are even higher.

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